New Computer!!

I can FINALLY write again!!!! My computer completely crashed a couple months ago and I’ve been totally lost with out it!! I have spent the last few days since getting it catching up on Facebook, Pinterest and blogs I follow!!

This computer is really awesome but I had to buy an external cd drive… I haven’t seen a computer without a cd drive since floppy disks. I think its dumb but over all I’m super happy!!

So anyway, I just figured I’d throw an update on here, I’m cooking dinner. But I’ll try to be back for good now!


Public Speaking class!! BARF!!!

So I recently started going back to college, this semester I am taking public speaking. My BIGGEST fear. I HATE speaking in front of people, I’m always afraid I’ll mess up, pass out, or you know, go into convulsions and die, right there in front of everyone…ahhhh. So I have to give my first speech this week. It’s a self introduction speech. And, i have to say, it’s pretty amazing! lol, here’s the thing, i can write all day, I love to write, but you ask me to transfer what’s on that paper into something I have to say everything gets jumbled up and things come out wrong and in the wrong order. I stutter and have to read directly off the cards. I wish there was a way I could get over this before i actually have to present this thing. Any ideas would be super helpful!


So here I go, about to get personal. My sweet little 4 year old has a disease called Lichen Sclerosus. There isn’t a lot known about it. The doctors believe it’s an autoimmune disorder but nothing is known for sure. Basically her private areas are affected. Here, this can explain it better than I ever could, (we are fairly new to this diagnosis) . So it’s kind of been my mission to spread the word because you hear all over about these little girls and women having permanent, painful, awful disfigurations and damage to the area. It can affect having children, sexual relationships, and a lot of people, unfortunately, go untreated for a long time, this was the case with my Lydia, The doctors thought forever it was just a severe yeast infection and would treat for that and it wouldnt work, finally they thought maybe it was just a very serious UTI, and when that ended up not being the case they finally sent her to a pediatric gynocologist who (thankfully) finally had a diagnosis. This is a scary thing to hear as a mother. VERY scary. First of all there is no cure. at all. and sometimes, I repeat, sometimes the treatment will help the symptoms. She can’t wear underwear anymore because it irritates her so badly, she can’t wear jeans, she can’t go swimming for more than 20 minutes, she cant sit in a bubble bath, or a regular bath for that matter for fear of infection, She can’t take a dance class because of the leotards they wear would be to close to her privates and it would hurt very badly, which is heartbreaking because this child has said since she could talk that she wanted to be a dancer. Then I have the added worry of my little one getting the same thing. It is thought to possibly run in families (not at all contagious mind you, just like psoriasis or something of that nature)

So I watch my daughter with a broken heart because I see that it has already affected her self esteem. That is crazy!!!! she’s 4, and she’s smart, and funny and gorgeous and amazing, it saddens me so much that she has a hard time seeing that because of these issues. The itching with this is SO severe that she would be scratching or pulling at it all the time, it’s made her very self concious. also now, she’s having accidents again. She says it’s because she doesn’t feel the pee. I’m going to discuss this with her doctor on Tuesday. I just wanted to post this because if it helps ANYBODY, that would make me happy. I would have loved to have known something about this. If anyone thinks anything is going on with them and has any questions, feel free to contact me and ask. This is something that not much is known about but what I do know, I’m happy to share or find out for you. Also, if this sounds like you or someone you know there is a great group you can find on facebook by typing in the name of the disease. Thanks for listening, and I hope this helps someone! 🙂

Day 2 healthy eating

I told you all that I would keep you updated on my food for the weight loss and update you with pictures. However, I inadvertently lied about the picture. just for today, and only because it was gone very fast tonight and I forgot to take one before we ate. We had a “make your own salad” salad bar, which the 4 year old REALLY loved. I had pretty much every topping I could find in the produce section, tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms, peppers, radishes, carrots, cucumber, celery and then I also boiled up some eggs. and Mike and the kids had cheese ( I didn’t and yes I patted my own back for that one, I’m a cheese fiend!) I did use ranch dressing but not near as much as I would usually have. It was actually really good! I’ve always loved salad anyway, but the problem starts when you love salad with croutons, ham, tons of cheese and a lot of ranch. Its not so much healthy then.

Lydia, the 4 year old, basically had a big bowl of mushrooms (they are her FAVORITE) and she skipped the lettuce because “it would take too much room out of her bowl” lol. I did get her to put a few tomatoes and radishes on. I told her mushrooms and ranch were not a dinner meal. She rolled her eyes…

If all the days of healthy eating can be like the last 2, I just may be able to do this after all. 🙂 wish me luck!

Sick kid :-(

Looks like its going to be a day at home today. My big girl was coughing her head off last night and woke with a fever this morning so there will be no school for her today. Guess that gives me a chance to get some cleaning done around the house though.

Chicken noodle soup- without the chicken!

So we started the healthy eating portion of the weight loss plan today! I’ve gotta say, it was pretty delicious. (I did have to sneak a grilled cheese in with my soup!)

So here’s what I did.


3 Carrots and 3 celery stalks, I will probably use more next time. I ended up LOVING the veggie part.


I ended up using about 1.5 boxes of reduced sodium chicken broth plus a few cups of water. Add garlic, salt and pepper to taste. *I like a lot of seasonings. Then I boiled then simmered for about 30ish minutes.


Add about 3/4 of a pound of linguine and boil til done.


It was absolutely delicious.

By the way, the grilled cheese was whole wheat so don’t judge me! 😉

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! ;)

So I bought a scale today and I’ve found some healthier meals to prepare this week. Don’t worry, I’ll have pics posted. I LOVE to try new food! Cooking is definitely one of my passions. Maybe that is how I got in this predicament in the first place…hmmm… I will just have to relearn how to cook healthier. I’m excited to get going on this journey!! 🙂